Sage 100 - Evo Edition

Previously Known as Sage 50 ME Edition 

Sage 100 Evolution

Sage 100 Evolution empowers companies like yours to meet changing business needs with a comprehensive business management platform. It is designed to give you the most complete and accurate view of your business both from a financial and operational perspective.

Accelerate your business growth

Get complete visibility of your business in real time.


Sage 100 Evolution is a powerful accounting and financial management software solution that allows SMEs to maximize operational efficiencies, enhance business intelligence and drive productivity.

Sage 100 Evolution provides the tools and capabilities to enhance business intelligence and meet complex financial requirements at any level.

Reimagine your business with Sage 100 Evolution

Sage 100 Evolution is a powerful accounting and financial management software solution that allows small and medium-sized businesses maximise operational efficiencies, enhance business intelligence and drive productivity.


System Manager

Get to know the Sage 50 ME Edition user interface, how to navigate the system and how to set it up so that you only see what you need to in your dynamic business environment. Make use of tools that give you the power to maintain, sort, search and group your data. Store your data infinitely, rollback transactions, manage multiple companies, and drill down into your valuable data.

Advanced Security

Protect your data with controlled access, and eliminate the risk data accessed by staff not meant to access it. This not only brings better internal control but also provides an easy way to manage segregation of duties.

Multi Currency

It allows you to track foreign currency, customer and supplier values in both the foreign and home currency. You can view balances and transactions in either currency at any time.

Multi Warehousing

With Multi-Warehousing, you can create multiple warehouses or stores and move items between these stores. Working with the software you already know

Integrated with Microsoft ® Office

Export and manipulate data and email any report via the Sage 50 accounting package as we have seamless integration with Microsoft ® office – working with the software you already know.


Select, view and compare information in graph format, across a range of modules.

Report Writer

Use the report writer to allow each user to customize reports and layouts across every module in the Sage 50 ME Edition accounting software.

Receivables and Payables

Get instant access to supplier and customer balances, purchase and sales history, as well as outstanding balances. Also get a detailed analysis of transactions with drill-down features and reports when you need them.

Project Tracking

Track projects, allocate transactions to respective projects, create income statements for projects and filter reports per project.

General Ledger

Take advantage of this data-driven system to post transactions and to view your General Ledger at any time, without the tedious month-end or year-end processing. Block complete periods and store transactional information for initially created period of five years.

Sales & Purchase Order Entry

With Sales and Purchase, connecting inventory to, Receivables and Payable respectively, maintain and take charge of all the supply chain cycle from order to cash and procure to pay.

Inventory Control

Take complete control over your stock with:

  • Unit of Measure – control your inventory.
  • Goods Received Voucher – receive and update stock levels
  • Import Cost Allocations – know which costs you are liable for and process them, automatically updating your item costs.

Use the wide range of features on this module as well as its integrative power to properly control stocks and warehousing processes – such as tracking and inventory management, expiry date control, returns and repairs, serial &  lot tracking and pricing control.

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