Business Management Solutions


Sage Evolution is a cost-effective solution suitable for small to medium businesses with an advanced operating environment. It takes accounting to the next level by allowing you to capture numbers, and perform business activities. Microsoft’s SQL server database ensures data integrity and maintains all your data in one central database.

Accelerate your business growth

Business Management Solution


Sage Evolution Premium is a market-leading software solution full of the features and functionality you need to control your business and gain complete visibility over your operations. Sage Evolution Premium integrates with a vast array of additional modules, making it easily customizable to fit your business needs.

Business management for large enterprises

Configurable and customizable to suit your business needs

Business management software with additional modules spanning all operations

A cost-effective solution built on the latest technology

Delivers a holistic picture of your business

Microsoft’s SQL server database ensuring data integrity and a consistent user-interface

Sage Evolution Core Module 

Reimagine your business with Sage 200 Evolution Sage 200 Evolution is a powerful accounting and financial management software solution that allows small and medium-sized businesses maximize operational efficiencies, enhance business intelligence and drive productivity.

System Manager

Get to know the Sage Evolution user interface, how to navigate the system and how to set it up so that you only see what you need to in your own dynamic business environment. Make use of tools that give you the power to maintain, sort, search and group your data. Store your data infinitely, rollback transactions, manage multiple companies, and drill down into your valuable data.


Advanced Security

Protect your data with controlled access, and eliminate the risk of internal fraud. Allow the System Audit Manager to track and manage access to your database and activities within.

Export and manipulate data, and email any report via Sage Evolution’s seamless integration with Microsoft® Office – working with software you already know.


Select, view, and compare information in graph format, across a range of modules.

Report Writer

Use the report writer to allow each user to customize reports and layouts across every module in Sage Evolution.

Receivables and Payables

Get instant access to supplier and customer balances, purchase and sales history, as well as outstanding balances. Also get a detailed analysis of transactions with drill-down features and reports when you need them.


Multiple Debtor & Creditor Control Accounts

Use one or more General Ledger control accounts to analyze debtor/creditor activity and transactions.

General Ledger

Take advantage of this data-driven system to post transactions and to view your General Ledger at any time, without the tedious month-end or year-end processing. Block complete periods, and store transactional information for five years.

Sales & Purchase Order Entry

Integrating fully into Sage Evolution’s Inventory, Receivables & Payables module, maintain and take charge of all orders in the sales and purchase process.


Inventory Control

Take complete control over your stock with:

  • Unit of Measure – control your inventory
  • Goods Received Voucher – receive and update stock levels
  • Import Cost Allocations – know which costs you are liable for and process them, automatically updating your item costs

Use the wide range of features on this module as well as its integrative power to properly control stock and warehousing processes – such as tracking and inventory management, expiry date control, returns and repairs, manufacturing, and pricing control.

Alert Manager

This module assists with streamlining key staff roles to ensure highest productivity and efficiency – allowing for better planning and control. Send and receive SMS notifications based on specified criteria, keeping your suppliers, customers and staff up-to-date with relevant business information.


Inventory Optomization

Manage your inventory between a minimum and maximum stock, order levels, and quantities. Link preferred suppliers to specific inventory items, identify lead times and reorder levels based on the SOPs of your business. Automate processes with templates, create customized formulas and cost optimizations, and do sales analysis in real time.


Inventory Issue

Track and manage internal stock distribution in a multi-level workflow environment. Issue and distribute inventory for a range of requirements.




Additional Features

Additional features of sage evolution premium include up to 1 000 users (or more – upon condition) allowed, segmented general ledger accounts, segmented inventory items, job costing, lot tracking, manufacturing, mobile, customer account consolidations, customer credit risk management, annuity billing, ebusiness/ ebilling, retail point of sale, brand accounting, procurement, advanced procurement, municipal billing and delivery management.

Revolutionise the way you do business with the Sage Evolution Premium ERP Software system. It delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software by bringing all the aspects of your operating environment together, Sage Evolution Premium is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system that gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. The comprehensive range of features and functionality of this Sage Evolution Premium ERP software system package, complemented with a number of add-on modules, provides scalable, flexible, and robust financial management for your growing business. Sage Evolution Premium as a core product is feature-rich, but the add-on modules that are available make it a truly revolutionary ERP software solution.

Sage Evolution Premium Features:

No. of Users Multi-users, 1 – 300+ users
No. of Companies Unlimited
Database required MSDE (1 up to 10 users), Microsoft® SQL Database (11+ users)
Support Included in the annual renewal

More Information:

Sage Evolution Accounting and all modules within the Sage Evolution range are subject to an annual renewal fee. This ERP software business model provides you with a number of important benefits including:

  •  Updates
  •  Upgrades
  •  first line telephonic and e-mail support

The compulsory annual renewal is payable on the anniversary date of registration of the application. It gives you peace of mind that you will always have the backup service, support and expertise you need.      

Advanced Add-On Modules: The Power to Manage Your Business Even Better!

Below is a brief summary of each advanced add-on module.

Bank Statement Manager: Populate your cash book electronically after bank statements have been imported.


Bill of Materials: Create assembly sheets detailing each component making up the completed item.


Sage Intelligence Reporting: Gain insights into your business through our automated Excel reporting tool.


Debtors Manager: Improve your debt collection processes.


Fixed Assets: Manage and organise fixed assets within your business.


Multi-Currency: Process customer and supplier transactions in their currency.


Multi-Warehousing: Set-up and use multiple stores and warehouses.


Pricing Matrix: Create volume or time-based price breaks and specify discounts by customer or group.


Sage Evolution Standard CRM: Integrates all business activities providing you with a holistic view of your business.


Serial Number Tracking: Track items from date of purchase to date of sale.


Voucher Management: The process of creating a payment or receipt voucher is an essential function for many businesses.


Quote on Air: Our Quote on Air module can assist your sales force in working smarter and more efficiently by assisting them in producing standardised, professional quotes on-the-go!


Business Gateway: Sage Evolution Business Gateway provides web access to your customers and agents.


Account Consolidation: Allows for the separate invoicing of branches, but with the added functionality of printing one customer statement at head office level.


Advanced Procurement: Advanced Procurement allows you to create and approve requisitions, request and evaluate quotation and place purchase orders with preferred suppliers.


Annuity Billing: Provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Branch Accounting: Branch Accounting simplifies and streamlines business processes and transactions between all of these entities.


Credit Risk Management: Manage your potential customers’ credit risk through a step-by-step process.


Delivery Management: Businesses that manage large items or quantities of inventory items from invoicing.


Information Alerts: Streamline key processes within your business.


Inventory Advisor: Minimise stock-outs. Reduce excess inventory. Simplify ordering.


Job Costing: Invoice jobs to customers.


Lot Tracking: Track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number.


Manufacturing: View a full audit trail of your manufacturing process and separate the process into work in progress and finished goods.


Sage Evolution Mobile App: This mobile app for Apple and Android devices takes your sales force to your customers.


Municiple Billing: A billing and accounting solution that delivers essential operational information and that can create National Treasury reports.


Point of Sale: Cashier-based retail solution ideal for any till point.


Procurement: Manage purchase orders in your business and keep control of your purchases.


Sage Evolution Premium CRM: Integrates all business activities providing you with a holistic view of your business.


Retail Point of Sale: Brings together a fully integrated front office POS and back office software that meets the needs of SMME retailers for an end-to-end retail management solution.


Service Manager: Schedule and manage the servicing of assets within your business.

Which add-on modules do I need for my industry?

With such a great number of fantastic add-on modules, it can be difficult to discern which modules are needed for your specific industry. We have gone to great lengths to prepare a recommended list of modules for a large number of industries.

Sage Evolution Training

  • Bundled
  • Practitioner
  • Processing
  • Product Consultant

You will learn to install, register, navigate and maintain your Sage Evolution 200 software. The maintenance of your software includes creating common databases, backups and master files. The course will also teach you how to navigate within the software using the system tree, main menu and available shortcuts. After successfully creating your master files, we will explore the General Ledger, as well as customer, supplier and inventory processing and reporting needs via the respective modules. The Sage Evolution 200 core modules that will be covered in this course are as follows:


  • General Ledger module
  • Accounts Receivable module
  • Accounts Payable module
  • Inventory module
  • Order Entry module