artech PayDocs

HR, Documents & Employee Management Solution.


hr, payroll & fixed asset management.

ARTECH PayDocs is a comprehensive Payroll and Human Resources solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. It’s simple and powerful time attendance and payroll processing module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance and payroll processing.

ARTECH PayDocs integrated with a biometrics time attendance machine, offers most cost-effective way to eliminate costly manual processes in managing employee personal/documents details, expiry alerts of all the documents, attendance, leaves, overtime calculation, monthly salary processing, loans etc. Our easy to use and user friendly interface modules means you can start saving time and money instantly by improving the accuracy of documents details, alerts, time sheets, simplified payroll process, and increased employee productivity.

ARTECH PayDocs resides on a single database, allowing you to keep all your payroll and HR information in one place. It gives you the ability to configure and customize the software to fit the requirements of your company.

Key Modules
  • Employee Management
  • Passport / Visa / Work Permit / Health Card Management  
  • Vehicle / Trade License / Tenancy Document Handling
  • Document Alerts Management
  • Expense Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll & Loan Management
  • Automated Attendance Management With Biometric Device Support
  • Overtime Management
  • Gratuity And Final Settlement
  • Part Settlement (Annual Leave & Benefits)
  • Calendar Settings
  • User Credential & Rights Management
Basic Features
  • Multi Branch / Location / Department
  •  Company Designations
  •  Employee Profile
  •  Employee History
  •  Employee Passport, Visa, Work Permit Control With Expiry Alerts
  •  Employee Document Scanning & Attachment
  • Reports/List Generated
  •  Employee Profile
  •  Employee List By Branch/Location/Department/Designation/ Nationality/Shift Etc.
  •  Employee Documents’ Expiry Reports
  •  Employee Transfers
Payroll Features
  • Multi Branch / Location / Department
  •  Fixed / Variable Additions / Deductions
  •  Multi-Loan Types
  •  Employee Bank Accounts
  •  User Defined Overtime Rates
  •  Leave Calculation
  •  Calendar Management
  • Transactions / Updates
  • Automated / Semi Automated / Manual Attendance
  • Variable Earnings, Deductions, Benefits
  • Printing Of Payroll Reports
  • Part Settlement (Annual Leave & Benefits)
  • Gratuity & Final Settlement
  • Reports/List Generated
  •  Attendance Summary
  •  Overtime Report
  • Attendance Report With Schedule
  • Leave Reports
  •  Pay Slips
  • Pay Register
  • Detail By Employee/Pay Element
  • Summary By Employee
  • Summary
  • Detail
  • Employee Loan Due
  • Payroll Statement
  • Built-In Data Analysis Tool
  • TIME ATTENDANCE MODULE with Biometrics Device Support

ARTECH PayDocs helps us in managing attendance of all employees automatically. It retrieves data from Time & Attendance device and generates monthly reports with various parameters.

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